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September 13th  – The Vet Gazette Submissions
The Vet Gazette, a publication of SAVMA, is now accepting your submissions for Volume 54, Issue 4! Send them your cute pet pictures, enlightening thoughts, fun externship experiences, interesting research projects and photography. Submissions give you the chance to win prize money! Check out the categories and submission instructions here.

September 15th  – Diversity and Communications Development Travel Grant

SAVMA’s Integrative Communications and Diversity Committee is awarding up to five $200 grants to students who wish to attend events focused on diversity and communications. Examples of conventions, symposiums or other approved meetings include: SAVMA Symposium, AVMA Convention, and Iverson Bell Symposium. Apply here!

September 29th  – 2019 International Experience Scholarship (Cycle 2)
SAVMA’s International Veterinary Experience Committee will be distributing ten $750 awards for international experiences carried out between July 20th, 2019 to January 18th, 2020. Apply here!

September 30th  – One Health Grand Challenge
SAVMA’s Public Health and Community Outreach Committee is hosting the One Health Grand Challenge which is an opportunity for students to develop a meaningful and sustainable One Health Project. They will be awarding three $1700 grants! For more information and to apply, please contact Mary Ward via email at


October 11th – IVSA Chapter Support Grant
SAVMA’s International Veterinary Experience Committee is awarding five $700 awards to deserving IVSA chapters that demonstrate financial need and a valuable plan to improve and strengthen their local IVSA chapter. Apply here!

October 31st – Financial Wellbeing Grant
The SAVMA Wellness Committee is offering an award up to $2000 USD annually to one SAVMA chapter demonstrating the need for assistance with a project, lecture, or event(s) that will foster financial wellbeing in their respective college. Apply here today!

October 31st – 2018-2019 Retrospective Conference Travel Grant
The SAVMA Educational & Professional Development Committee is offering six retrospective awards of $250. These awards can be applied to any conference (except for SAVMA Symposium) attended from August 1st, 2018 to July 31st, 2019. The application can be found here!

DECEMBER DEADLINESDecember 31st – Wellness Support Fund
The SAVMA Wellness Committee is offering funding to veterinary students and veterinary school organizations that wish to promote physical, mental and emotional health at their college of veterinary medicine. The SAVMA Wellness Committee will award up to $2,500 each cycle to student applicants demonstrating need for assistance with a project, lecture, or event(s) that will foster physical or mental wellness in their respective college, on an as-needed basis. Apply here today!

See below for more info regarding rolling grants including:

  • Diversity and Communication Travel Grant- $200


Information available on the Travel Fund page

Extracurricular Funding Grant:

The Extracurricular Funding Grant is for veterinary student organizations to provide funding for wet labs or lectures supplementing their college’s curriculum.​

  • There are FOUR awards at $200​ each
  • Application is here
  • Deadline is past… try again next year!


NAVLE Study Package Scholarship

NAVLE Digital Study Package Scholarship. Even if you have already purchased a NAVLE study package you can be reimbursed up to $300!

  • Four $300 Scholarships available!
  • Info and App HERE
  • Deadline is past… try again next year!

AVMA Convention Travel Grant:
Looking for something to do this summer? Check out some AWESOME lectures the AVMA Convention! These grants are designed to provide students with the opportunity to attend the annual AVMA Convention. 
  • The 2017 AVMA Convention will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana, from July 21-25th.  Students are invited to attend and participate in networking events and educational lectures/workshops (
  • As a SAVMA member, the >$500 registration fee is waived for you, and attendance is FREE.
  • Four awards of $250 each are offered by the Educational and Professional Development Committee to help offset travel costs and are available to all SAVMA members.
  • Click these links for MORE INFO and the APPLICATION
  • Deadline is past, try again next year!