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The Vet Gazette
The official journal of the Student AVMA. It is published by and for veterinary students. The Vet Gazette solicits articles from students and faculty members at all schools and is distributed to all Student AVMA members 4 times during the school year.

The Vet Gazette is published at a different veterinary school each year. All interested schools submit bids for The Vet Gazette to the Student AVMA House of Delegates during the AVMA Annual Convention and the winner is decided by the House of Delegates.

AVMA NOAH Discussion Groups
The place to ask questions, share experiences, pick up a quick tip, or just browse through the discussion group messages. You can use the groups to exchange diagnosis and treatment information, consult with Board Members-certified specialists, and help each other with issues that impact your daily life, in a secure and friendly community environment.

SAVMA One Health Challenge
A working group that helps to promote the one health concept, through collaborative partnerships with other health professionals.

Each year, the SAVMA One Health Challenge chooses an initiative and encourages veterinary students to organize and participate in events to increase community awareness and collaboration within the health professions. In previous years, the One Health Challenge has focused on rabies, obesity awareness, and vector-borne disease (VBD).