As you know, the master class, while fun and interesting, is a one-credit hour course.  As with all courses, there are 3 required assignments:

  1. A ‘pre-blog’
  2. A strategic plan for The Sukosol.  For more information and data for this, please see our Blackboard site.
  3. A ‘post-blog’

The purpose of the ‘pre-blog’ assignment is to help familiarize you with Bangkok tourism and sustainability issues so that you are better able to ask good questions while we are in Bangkok.     Rather than having you read pre-existing documents or ask you to analyze a case, I’m relying on you and your classmates to generate the content.  We will do this by creating a blog on Bangkok and Thai tourism and culture.  This assignment is worth 25% of your grade for the master class.  This needs to be completed by 5 pm on Sunday, 26 February.

I have created a list of possible topics.  Please sign up for one of them (you can work along or with one of your classmates) on the google docs link that was sent to you.

The blog will be hosted on this site–just click on the ‘Blog’ tab to get there.

When you develop your content, remember that the purpose of the blog is to not only help familiarize you with the topic but also to help familiarize your classmates.   Please provide a thorough overview of the topic and be sure to include appropriate pictures and links to liven up your presentation.    Also, the normal rules of academic integrity do apply, so be sure that you do not copy and paste content from other websites.

If you need some tips on how to develop your posting or on how to add photos to your blog, please refer to the documents sent to you via email. There is a limit to the # of pictures that can be added, so please use FlickR when adding your photos.

In addition, I expect you to post substantive comments on at least four other topics.  You are also expected to respond to any comments that are posted on your topic.

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