Travel Details

  • Getting to Bangkok:  Most nationalities do NOT need a visa.  You are responsible for your own transfer to and from the airport.
  • Rooms in Bangkok:  We will be staying at The Sukosoll for 4 nights (February 27 – March 2).  Any incidental expenses will be your responsibility.
  • Meals: With the tentative exception of lunch on Thursday,  all meals are covered by our generous sponsors.  Meal coverage begins on Tuesday morning, February 28 and ends with breakfast on Friday morning, March 2.  Any other meal or beverage expenses that you incur will be your responsibility
  • Leaving:   You will need to make arrangements for your transfer back to the Bangkok airport.

Financial Responsibilities and Some Tips

  • Flights to and from Bangkok
  • Transfers to and from your flight
  • Meals before breakfast on Tuesday, Feb 28, possible dinner on Wednesday, February 29 and meals after breakfast on Friday, March 2

3 thoughts on “Logistics

  1. A note on airport transfers to the Siam City Hotel.

    By far the easiest and most pleasant way to get to the hotel is to catch the airport link train. It costs 90 baht one way last time I checked for the normal aiport link and 150 baht for the express version. Also note that the train stops service after midnight. The hotel is just a short walk from the Phayathai airport link station. This is only good if you have just some carry on luggage because you need to negotiate several stairs and bridges to safely get to the hotel. You will quickly realize that unlike Singapore there are no down escalators (only up escalators), probably due to corruption in the contract to build the stations. Use the elevated bridges to cross Sri Ayutthaya road. It is a very busy street and cars don’t stop for pedestrians in Bangkok.

    If you are travelling with a lot of luggage (i.e. cannot physically schlep your own stuff) then you will need to hail a cab when you exit the customs at Bangkok airport. You may be bombarded by aggressive people offering ride services. IGNORE THEM. There is a queue when you get out the door to the curb and just tell the dispatcher where you are going. There is a 50 baht mandatory surcharge for all taxi rides that originate from the airport (so don’t be surprised when it is added to your final fare). There isn’t a charge for luggage. Also if the driver takes the tollway to get to town you are responsible for paying the toll. Also MAKE SURE THE CAB DRIVER TURNS ON THE METER. Unscrupulous taxi drivers like to try to negotiate a fare especially if they think they can get away with it. It may be still cheap by your standards but believe me you’re being ripped off. Fortunately this doesn’t happen often. If something goes wrong use your mobile phone to photo the driver’s info and car number and you can file a complaint. The front services staff at the hotel can also help you if there is a problem once you arrive at the hotel.

    Happy travels!

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