Class Policies

Late Assignments:  As in life, late assignments will be penalized.  Assignments turned in after the time due will be penalized by 20%.  Assignments turned in one day late will be penalized by 50%.  I will be happy to review assignments turned in two or more days late, but you will receive no credit for the assignment.

Attendance:   You are expected to be on time, attend all sessions and to stay in the meeting rooms or tours.

Attire:  Dress for all sessions is business casual.  Since we will be having a number of tours, please be sure to wear comfortable shoes.   Also, be sure to bring shorts and a t-shirt for our community service activity.

Technology:  Please turn your mobile phones, smartphones and laptops off during all presentations and tours.   This policy will be strictly enforced.

Academic Integrity:  I assume that all work in this course will be the result of an individual’s unaided effort. Anyone who either gives or receives unauthorized assistance in the preparation of work at home or in class will be subject to disciplinary action under the provisions of the Honor Code.  At the same time, I believe that group discussions can be very helpful in clarifying the concepts we deal with in this class. I encourage these discussions as long as they come to a halt before the actual preparation of the work begins (i.e. when the pen touches the page or the fingers depress the keys).

Course Evaluation

Your evaluation will be based on the quality of your blog submission, your postings on other topics, your strategic analysis of the Siam City Hotel, peer evaluation and your active participation in all sessions.

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