Boutique Hotels In Bangkok by Alicia

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Boutique Hotels are usually operated and run by individual owners. Generally, they are seen as lifestyle and luxury hotels.  Boutique hotels are often located in the urban centers of big cities and cater to the more individualistic traveler that appreciates more eclectic design styles.


Total Hotel Boutique Hotel New Boutique






* STR Response Report _spet.28 2011


Like many international chain hotels, boutique hotels are also becoming trendier and growing in Asia. Some people prefer boutique hotels rather than chain hotel because of their individuality. When it comes to choosing one, various reviews about boutique can be found in social media and travel sites such as TripAdvisor. For example, Top 10 boutique hotels in Bangkok and Boutique hotel reviews.


Among 84 hotels in Bangkok, 32 hotels (38 %) can be considered boutique.  Out of the 38 hotels, 10 opened after 2007 and are considered as new constructions. Also, 9 out of 10 are located close to one of the busiest boulevards called Sukhumvit. They also tend to be located in the business districts and shopping malls around the city.


Economy Class

Midscale Class

Upper Midscale Class

Upper Class

Upper Upscale

Luxury Class

















AS the chart shows, 81% of boutique hotels are at least upper midscale class or better.


1 sample of boutique hotel in different area.

LUX & LUXX Boutique Hotels Bangkok



LUX and LUXX boutique hotels of Bangkok are a good example of a boutique hotel that has a limited number of rooms that have their own style and design. The thing that is different is that they are not located in the busiest boulevards of the city. This in turn helps them charge lower rates than their competitors. It also helps them cater more to the customer that values their quiet time away from the traffic.


What makes boutique hotels different from chain and larger hotels.

1. Personalized service

2. Unique art decor

3. Targeted for longer stay customers  (week, month for special rate)

4. Location in city centers

5. Quiet and personal space

6. Free Wifi

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