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Cornell Maple Program

Sugar Maple Research & Extension

Maple Resources

This portion of our website has all of the content Cornell Maple Program has produced over the years and a compiling of external resources.

Current offerings:

Maple Syrup Production Beginner's Notebook
Selling Maple Wholesale Notebook
Maple Tubing and Vacuum Notebook
Maple Confections Notebook
Grading Maple Syrup Notebook
Reverse Osmosis, Monitoring Systems, Sap Collection, Evaporating – these are just a few of the topics covered by our maple production instructional videos.
Access student and teacher materials, including handouts and videos for all grade levels:

Cornell Maple Program has produced maple recipes in video, digital text, and print format (brochures).


The Cornell Small Farms Program is pleased to offer an introductory course in maple syrup production as part of a new suite of online courses.  This online course covers all the basics of maple syrup production.

The In the News section includes articles that were either written by, or features the Cornell Maple Program, published in various Maple and other news outlets.

The “Links” page includes useful sugar maple related websites and maple syrup production equipment dealer websites.

For a list of Cornell Maple Program publications and an order sheet for hard copies, click here.

For all downloadable publications in PDF format, click here.

And for student and teacher materials including handouts and videos for all grade levels, click here.

For other types of instructional videos produced by the USDA with presentations by Mike Ferrell and Stephen Childs, click here.


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