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New Transmittance Blending Calculator

Get the grade you want by entering the light transmittance % of the two syrups you wish to blend.

You will need to know the transmittance % of a 50/50 blend of your two syrups before you begin. Mix thoroughly a small sample of equal parts lighter and darker syrup, wait for the bubbles to dissipate, and check the transmittance with your Hanna Meter.

If you are using mobile phone, double tap the yellow cells to type.


Maple Business Income Calculator

Download to Save an Income Statement for your records.


Cost of Maple Tubing Installation – updated 2020 prices


Welcome to the Maple Products Pricing Guide

These worksheets are brought to you by Michael Farrell and Chelsea Green Publishing as supplementary material for The Sugarmaker’s Companion: An integrated guide to producing syrup from maple, birch, and walnut trees.

This Excel file contains pricing guides for bottling syrup and creating other value-added maple products. Simply click on the worksheet tab for the product you would like to use. Scroll to the right to view more products.

This Excel file accompanies Chapter 11 Where the Money Is: Marketing Your Pure Maple Products

If you havent already read this chapter, doing so will greatly improve your ability to utilize these spreadsheets.

Download the Workbook:


Maple Syrup Retail Pricing Calculator


Syrup Retail and Wholesale Calculator

Scroll to the Right to see all of the results of your calculations


Maple Candy Pricing


Maple Cream Pricing


Maple Granulated Sugar Pricing


Maple Cotton Candy Pricing


Maple Soda Pricing

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