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Webinar trouble shooting

MAPLE Webinars
Trouble Shooting Your Connection

  1. The majority of users are accessing the site successfully. Some will unfortunately experience troubles. We will assist to the extent possible, but our expertise is not in computer technology. 
  2. Try to connect as soon as you have the URL and solve any connection issues promptly. If you don’t try the connection until the start of the meeting and you have trouble your probability of successfully entering the meeting site is quite low. You can forward the URL to your home/office email as necessary. 
  3. Make sure you are trying to enter the site as a guest, not via the user login/password. This is the most common issue.
  4. Some web browsers have experienced connection troubles associated with pop-up blockers.  Mozilla Firefox for example. If necessary, reconfigure or temporary disable the popup blockers. Alternatively download and use a different web browser.
  5. Some computers, notably state and federal agency computers, are configured for heightened security that may restrict access to these types of Internet usages. Try a different computer or one on a different server. Your local IT coordinator may be able to assist.
  6. Do not try to connect unless you have a high-speed connection such as LAN, DSL, Satellite, or Cable. Phone modems cannot effectively transmit the data of a webinar.
  7. If you are trying to sign up or view, and are having problems, the process works in both Internet Explorer and Firefox, it may not work with some other browsers.

YouTube Videos

MAPLE YouTube Videos

YouTube videos that were produced by
USDA with presentations by Mike Farrell and Stephen Childs

What is reverse osmosis:

Reverse osmosis for maple option 2:

Reverse osmosis demonstration and cleaning:

Small scale reverse osmosis:

Reverse osmosis for maple option 3:

Collecting Walnut sap with a bucket:

Sap flow in Walnut trees:

Grading Maple Syrup:

Maple vs. Walnut:

Walnut syrup and nut allergies:

Collecting sap with vacuum tubing:

Identifying a sugar maple tree:

Collecting sap with a bucket:

Collecting sap with a bag:

Tube collection:

Remote monitoring systems:

Sap collection house:

Reverse osmosis for maple:

Evaporation process:

Filtering and finishing maple syrup:

Tap hole maple:

Why sap runs in a maple tree:

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