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Cornell Maple Program

Sugar Maple Research & Extension

YouTube Videos

MAPLE YouTube Videos

YouTube videos that were produced by
USDA with presentations by Mike Farrell and Stephen Childs

What is reverse osmosis:

Reverse osmosis for maple option 2:

Reverse osmosis demonstration and cleaning:

Small scale reverse osmosis:

Reverse osmosis for maple option 3:

Collecting Walnut sap with a bucket:

Sap flow in Walnut trees:

Grading Maple Syrup:

Maple vs. Walnut:

Walnut syrup and nut allergies:

Collecting sap with vacuum tubing:

Identifying a sugar maple tree:

Collecting sap with a bucket:

Collecting sap with a bag:

Tube collection:

Remote monitoring systems:

Sap collection house:

Reverse osmosis for maple:

Evaporation process:

Filtering and finishing maple syrup:

Tap hole maple:

Why sap runs in a maple tree:

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