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Cornell in Rome

College of Architecture, Art and Planning


Contributors to the Fall 2017 edition of the Cornell in Rome blog are Cornell University Architecture, Art, and Planning students Matej Dlabal, Jada Haynes and Isabella Teran. Pictures come from Ihwa Choi and Oonagh Davis.  Follow them through the semester to learn more about the Cornell in Rome program, the Eternal City, and of course, the bloggers themselves.

Hi! I am an architecture student originally from Czech republic. Before coming to Cornell, during my childhood, I have lived in Warsaw, Prague, Toronto and New York. I am now in Rome away from Ithaca, continuing to pursue my architectural education, in the middle of the city that is truly one of the birthplaces of architecture as we know it.

Ciao! My name is Isabella and I’m a third year student studying architecture at Brown University. While I’m taking part in the greater Cornell In Rome experience this fall, I will provide an inside look on our smaller architecture group, Foundations in Architecture. Keep track of the blog to see what adventures we’re up to next! 



Hi there! My name is Ihwa Choi, a third year architecture student. I am here toprovide a visual journal for you during our memorable Rome adventures for the fall semester. Please check back weekly to enjoy the countless memories and travels with our class! Thank you! 


Buongiorno, my name is Oonagh Davis and I am a third year architecture student. My goal for the semester is to visually present the ‘Cornell in Rome’ experience. I look forward to showing all that the City of Love has to offer; from trips to spectacular monuments, right down to the best cappuccino the city has to offer. Please continue to follow the blog because there are a lot of exciting events coming your way! 


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