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Contributors to the Fall 2014 edition of the Cornell in Rome blog are Cornell University Architecture, Art, and Planning students Jose Ibarra, Anna Orlando and Vinayak Portonovo.  Anna Orlando will also be contributing visuals this term along with Andres Romero Pompa and Erin Soygenis.  Follow them through the semester to learn more about the Cornell in Rome program, the eternal city itself, and of course, the bloggers themselves.


Anna Orlando About Me

Ciao a tutti! Mi chiamo Anna Orlando.

I am currently a third year architecture student and will be graduating in 2017. I come from a huge Italian American family in Cleveland, Ohio, and I am completely ecstatic to explore my roots in Rome this semester. In the past I have traveled to Italy, France, Spain, and China, but this will be my longest and surely most life-changing trip yet.

Besides studying architecture, I love painting, traveling, running, swimming, and eating (especially gelato-pistacchio per favore!). So far, Rome has exceeded my expectations in many of these areas, and I can’t wait to discover new passions while I am here. I will be taking five classes for the next four months that include Studio Design, Architectural Analysis, The Topography and Urban History of Rome, Italian, and Drawing (my favorite). In addition to taking classes and learning to live like the Romans do, I will be going on class field trips and exploring other European cities. Looking forward to sharing with you!


Vinny Portonovo About Me

Ciao! My name is Vinny Portonovo. I am a third year Cornell architecture student from Ohio, USA. This will be my first experience in Europe and I am excited to grow within the lively city of Rome over the course of the semester. In addition to the exceptional opportunity to immerse myself amongst the dynamic layers of Roman architecture, I look forward to experiencing and analyzing the presence of fashion and art in Italy. As I continue my studies of the Italian language and plan for all my trips through Italy, I cannot wait to begin this multifaceted journey in such a vibrant city.



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