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Contributors to the Spring 2015 edition of the Cornell in Rome blog are Cornell University Architecture, Art, and Planning students Evan Rawn and Melody Stein. Melody Stein will also be contributing visuals this term along with Rina Kang, Si Ying Lu, and Min Keun Park.  Follow them through the semester to learn more about the Cornell in Rome program, the Eternal City, and of course, the bloggers themselves.

Evan Rawn
Evan Rawn – Blogger

“Hi, my name is Evan Rawn and I am a third year architecture student studying in Rome. I enjoy writing and photography, and in my spare time I work as a contributing editor for ArchDaily. So far I am happy to be away from the frigid weather of Ithaca for the semester and I am enjoying everything Italy has to offer. From the amazing food and beautiful architecture, to the people of the city and its long history, being in Rome is a rich cultural experience. Through this blog I hope to recount my experiences and reflect on everything I am learning while here.”

Melody Stein - Blogger and Photographer
Melody Stein – Blogger and Photographer

“Melody Stein is a third year Fine Arts major with a minor in Biological Sciences at Cornell. Originally from California she is greatly enjoying Rome’s mild climate compared to Ithaca’s icy hills. As an artist, Melody’s work focuses primarily on reinterpretations of landscape and built forms through sculptural installation, site-specific drawings, and other spatial interventions. As a person, Melody enjoys eating pizza, meeting cute dogs, and sitting in botanical gardens on sunny days. While predominantly a writer, this semester she will be reporting on as well as photographing cultural events, daily life in Rome, and guest lectures in both the Art and Planning disciplines.”

Rina Kang - Photographer
Rina Kang – Photographer

“Ciao ragazzi! I am a third year architecture student and will be a contributing photographer for this semester in Rome. So far in Italy I’ve been enjoying the balmy (and sometimes not so balmy) weather, eating copious amounts of pasta, pizza, and gelato, and learning about all things Italian. I look forward to documenting our food, travel and study adventures.”

Winnie Lu - Photographer
Winnie Lu – Photographer

“I laugh a lot, sometimes too much…… hahaha!I am quite easily amused by small things around me. I wonder if that’s because I am just too talented at day-dreaming. I tend to re-imagine any simple scenery of life and convert it into something funny like maybe a comedy I watched two years ago or a joke my friend and I had last night. Photography captures and articulates these little moments of my own way of seeing. The camera frames the world as how I conceive it. It is a precious experience of creating a unique narrative of daily matters as I am making all those decisions such as timing, or lighting, when taking a picture. I am excited to share with you our journey in Italy through my way of storytelling. Welcome to my secret life! :D”

Min Keun Park - Photographer
Min Keun Park – Photographer

“Min Keun Park, a 3rd-year architecture student at Cornell, always tries to live life to the fullest. Aside from his passion in his architectural studies, he enjoys classical music and hanging out with his friends. He misses the medium-rare rib eye steak and Korean cuisine, a hard-to-find in Italy, but he has grown to love all things pasta. He hopes his photographs fully capture and express his unforgettable experiences throughout his semester in Rome.”

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