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Cornell in Rome

College of Architecture, Art and Planning

Finding paradise in Portugal


Photography by Cornelius Tulloch

Feeling as if I had fell down a rabbit hole into a tropical paradise, I was filled with excitement. The lush tropical vegetation brought me to a space of familiarity. Never did I think I’d find the feeling of comfort that I get when I’m home miles away from the Caribbean, let alone nestled in the middle of Lisbon. The tropical garden was where we entered, but as we traversed through the series of warm and cold green spaces it was as if we were traveling the world. It was like a big playground.  There were so many different type of plants there; every few feet I stopped to capture a photo. Pausing the sounds of the city, the gardens immersed us into the rhythmic rustle of leaves in the wind, water flowing, and the occasional crow of roosters. Moments like these are what I enjoy. This experience will forever be with me and influence the way I perceive and design green spaces in the future. Estufa Fria, the botanical garden, was the escape I needed for spring break.





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