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There’s Snow Place Like Rome

Last week we witnessed history, which is certainly rare in Rome! This rarity goes by “snow,” and it hasn’t fallen here since 2012, after not making an appearance for 30 years.

Photo by Andy Chen.

As my friends and I made our way down la via di Santa Anna, carefully traversing the slippery cobblestones, we noticed that cars were few and far in between. This was a relief – the drivers are crazy enough on dry stones! The city had fallen quiet.

Photo by Andy Chen.

Come late morning, people began to emerge from their apartments. Little bambini, bundled head to toe, marveled at the white, blanketed roads. I realized that many of them were probably seeing snow for the first time! In areas like the Pantheon, people threw snowballs and built snowmen, enthralling themselves in the magic.

Colin throwing a snowball at Isabel! Video still by Isabel Ling.

It melted quickly, but for that one day everyone in Rome were tourists, taking pictures and marveling at the unusual, beautiful sight.

Photo by Andy Chen.



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