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Cornell in Rome

College of Architecture, Art and Planning

End of the semester Cornell in Rome exhibition

students, guests and faculty at the final exhibition

To conclude each semester, Cornell in Rome organizes an exhibition in order to showcase all of the student work, projects from the different studios and classes. During its opening, visitors from all around are welcome to stop by and enjoy some of the work and ideas from this semester, just before students dive into the very final exams and assignments for still a couple of classes.

faculty and guests at the final exhibition

Having ended with some of our classes, it was definitely nice to have those professors come back and show them around our very own work. But more importantly, it allowed the students ourselves, to see in a clean presentable manner what others have been working on, and perhaps get an explanation from them, allowing for the work to be understood more fully but also create further connections and stimulate more thoughts and new ideas perhaps for future projects. It was definitely a nice way to conclude our semester here and end on a positive note with almost one foot already out of the door.

students, guest and faculty at the final exhibition and reception
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