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Ravioli and Fettuccine night

students making dough for the different kinds of pasta

The night before heading off on our last day trip, Anna Rita and Annalisa have kindly prepared for us a Ravioli and Fettuccine night. Being familiar with the process in making fettuccine as my flat mates are very skilled cooks and have done pasta for us on a couple occasions, I decided to omit the machine this time and roll the dough myself which seemed to be at first a mistake but thankfully Anna Rita showed me some tricks and soon I was making ravioli.

students making different kinds of pasta

Eventually everyone present got a hands on experience in either making fettuccine or ravioli, and the ones that have finished have eventually migrated to the kitchen, myself included, inspecting the different sauces and eagerly awaiting for the process of consuming the pasta to start. The numerous sauce that Anna Rita has prepared for us was of course as always overwhelming, not only with different tastes and the quality of the sauces, but also the very quantity of the sauces, some some of us left very early on. Some of us however persisted (including myself), and have tried all of them.

closer look at the craft that goes into making ravioli

I can now thus again confidently say that to my favorite pepper pesto sauce that I have discovered thanks to Anna Rita on our previous pasta night, I must add the creamy salmon sauce with small pomegranate seeds, which was beyond fabulous. The biggest surprise however were our deserts. Daniela, who is in charge of our janitorial staff, surprised us already in the past with her amazing baking skills, but this time she has done two deserts of her own invention, and one was better than the other. The first one were coconut flake covered balls of dough with raisins inside, but my absolute favorite was the one funnily nicknamed salami, because of its similarity in appearance. I have to confess that this particular one was so good, that I went so far as to stealing (alongside with George Hascup) a few slices for the next morning, and must try to communicate to Daniela in my newly learned Italian after taking an intensive course of Italian here in Rome, that I need that recipe for the future.

students bringing the finished pasta to the kitchen


(all photos credit to Oonagh Davis)


by Matej Dlabal

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