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Gnocchi night

Anna Rita teaching students how to roll gnocchi

Living in an apartment with talented cooks, I had the chance of seeing and being at least partially involved in the making of home made pasta, mainly consuming it, but nevertheless somehow involved. However, making gnocchi was a first for me and I believe for many others. The simplicity of the recipe and making soon drew us one after the other into the process, fueled of course by the fun approach of both Annalisa and Anna Rita, who so kindly prepared everything.

Students watch as Anna Rita boils the gnocchi

Personally having struggled a lot in rolling the gnocchi to make them into the perfect shell form as they should apparently be, I took refuge in the kitchen where most of the sauces and other side dishes were, to survey and to make sure to try all of them. Anna Rita’s sauces were absolutely fabulous, and after much¬†thought and tasting I concluded that my personal favorite couldn’t have been any other but the peppers pesto, which was just perfect.

Cornell B. Arch 2020 students’ making gnocchi

I think it is safe to say that my enthusiasm was quite representative of the group as a whole, as by the end of the evening, when there was still some more pasta left, we were all quick to pack some for our lunches the next day, leaving in a very short time absolutely no trace whatsoever of any gnocchi or sauces, that were so generously prepared for us. Being part of the group of people that really enjoy cooking, I was even more grateful to Anna Rita who has also prepared her own small cookbook for us, with recipes that I will without any doubt try to remind myself of the warm sun of Rome, when back in Ithaca under six feet of snow.

Students beginning to bring the rolled gnocchi to the kitchen


(all photos credit to Oonagh Davis)

by Matej Dlabal

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