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Richard Meier’s Ara Pacis museum visit

Richard Meier and others visiting his building in Rome, the Ara Pacis Museum


Richard Meier during the presentation of Verity Platt

Of many events having taken place while Richard Meier was present in Rome, one is perhaps more notable, and that is of course the visit of the Ara Pacis museum designed by Richard Meier and realized mainly with the help of Nigel Ryan.


Discussion panel with Richard Meier, Verity Platt and Hunter Rawlings

Over the course of the visit a brief panel discussion has been organized during which Richard Meier, Verity Platt and Hunter Rawlings have discussed the history and meaning of the Ara Pacis monuments itself, topped by a short explanation and recounts of the design process by Richard Meier.


It was thus possible to understand the monument and its context much more in depth over the course of many centuries, topped off by a short explanation and other recounts of how and why Richard Meier has designed the building the way it is. This informal presentation and short discussion was followed by a visit of the museum and a guided tour of the Ara Pacis by Verity Platt.

Verity Platt leading the visit of the Ara Pacis monument


(all photos credit to Ihwa Choi)

by Matej Dlabal

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