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Richard Meier reception


Cornell in Rome students have met at a reception with Richard Meier and other notable guests

On October 13th, the Cornell in Rome program had the immense pleasure to host and meet with Richard Meier over a short reception with an immense variety of local cheeses to choose from, and later a dinner. In the company of many trustees and friends of the University and the presence of notable figures such as our dean Kent Kleinman, past president Emeritus Hunter Rawlings and the founder of the Cornell in Rome program Roberto Einaudi, we have first gathered at the Palazzo Santacroce, at which a toast was made by Kent Kleinman.

Dean Kent Kleinman  giving a toast in the presence of Richard Meier, students, guests and Cornell University trustees
Kent Kleinman and Richard Meier dinning at Renato e Luisa

This was followed by some discussions among the few students that have decided to attend the event and the many guests, all of which was eventually concluded at an amazing dinner at Renato e Luisa, all beautifully organized by Anna Rita Flati, our administrative director here at Cornell in Rome.


Students and current faculty have also attended the event

It was particularly of interest to some of us to meet with not only all of the notable important figures such as Richard Meier himself, but also the trustees as they play a big role in many different decisions taking place back in Ithaca that influence even our smaller temporary community here in Rome. It was most definitely an exciting, fun but also interesting experience, especially because of the fact that some of the guests were past architecture students from AAP, and exchanging thoughts was particularly entertaining.


(all photos credit to Ihwa Choi)

by Matej Dlabal

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