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College of Architecture, Art and Planning

Maria Alessandra Segantini Lecture

Last week we had the pleasure of inviting Maria Alessandra Segantini to come to studio to talk about her work. As a registered architect and educator, she is principal and partner, with Carlo Cappai, of C+S, an Italian based architecture office. C+S works internationally in the different fields of architecture, urban design and the design of the landscape.

Throughout the lecture, Cappai and Segantini discussed how they believe that high quality in architecture can be achieved by taking a holistic approach towards design through various fields. The whole process is a matter of problem solving in order to combine the desires of clients, consultants, contractors and final users with the landscape and its ecological demands. Personally I felt inspired by their philosophical approach to design rather than a predetermined style. Overall it was an exciting experience to learn more from a local Italian architecture firm for the first time here in Rome.

(All photos credit to Maddy Eggers)

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