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Cornell in Rome

College of Architecture, Art and Planning

Exhibition Vibes – An Architect’s Experience:

Photo by Stephanie Cheung


Last Thursday was the exhibition. An amalgamation of work from every class taught at Cornell in Rome, all shown in the same building. We had been spending days preparing the Palazzo for the event, but we had been preparing the work all semester. After we were done decorating and pinning up, the building didn’t even look the same. The green studio tables were covered in black cloth, and the architecture students had pinned up our boards for final review. The center tables were covered in all of our sketch models from this semester, a sea of small, white buildings flooding the black surface. In the lecture hall was work from the drawing class, in the library were the projects from Jeffery’s history class and the projects from the Architectural Analysis class, on the first floor was the work of the photography class and the various projects from the art studio.

Cake made for the exhibition. Photo by Stephanie Cheung


Overall, I would say that the exhibition was a success. Many more people than I had anticipated showed up, including the University of Notre Dame’s architecture program in Rome. It was especially cool to see the finished work of every class, since we don’t necessarily get a close look at other classes. Additionally, the exhibition was a fun way to relax after the stress of the semester. We ended the exhibition laughing about past experiences while eating aperitifs in the lecture hall. It was a good way to end the semester.

The architecture studio poses in front of some of the study models from the semester. Photo by Stephanie Cheung


— Michaela

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