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Cornell in Rome

College of Architecture, Art and Planning

Fun in the Sun

Last Sunday, we went to the beautiful beaches of Sperlonga, easily reachable by train and bus. With beach towels in hand, we embarked upon an exciting journey as the sun was just beginning to rise. We walked to Termini Station, enjoying a peaceful and cool city, to meet Davide, the intern whose expertise on the city allowed for a quick and easy commute. Holding our tickets, we eagerly boarded the train, waiting patiently to arrive to our destination. The train ride, which was an hour long, highlighted the natural environment of Rome, such as massive mountains and fields of vibrant green grass. With such a calm and soothing view, some students opted to relax as we approached our destination. As the train ride ended, we took a 15 minute bus ride to reach the beach, looking at the unfamiliar environment around us.

As we gazed in awe at the surrounding landscape, our excitement grew and grew. Before we went to the beach, we stopped by a local store for some delicious sandwiches, so that we could have a picnic. Holding our sandwiches, we ran to the beach, marveling at the picturesque site with its white sand and clear waters. After placing our belongings on the warm sand, we went into the water, swimming and enjoying the paradise which laid before us- mountains on the left, and a city on top of a hill on the right. Some students decided to play games such as Frisbee, while others took relaxing walks. As midday approached, some students decided to explore the town which neighbored the beach, ultimately finding it just as beautiful and enchanting as the beach itself. As students finished exploring, the day had come to an end, and it was time to return home. We boarded the bus, and looking at Sperlonga one more time, before deciding that we would have to return once again.

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