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Running Rome


You’ll be surprised at how good, and bad Rome can be for runners and fitness enthusiasts. I was looking up gyms I could go to in Rome months before my flight over! However, after arriving in the city- I realized the climate was warm and the city hospitable enough to make public spaces within the city my gym- I didn’t find the prices at the gyms in Centro Storico justifiable.

Low and behold, yesterday, I found (by accident of course) the perfect running route from Isola Tiberina up to Villa Borghese and back. The route hosts pull-up bars, benches for sit ups, hurdles, stairs, drinking fountains, hills, clean air, dogs, and friendly people who might run up to you and ask for a free hug.

Although the art of people dodging as you run past the Pantheon can get a bit troublesome, running through the ancient city centre is a completely different experience from walking it, with all those endorphins being released in your brain-especially on a sunny day, so you’re bound to see the city in a different light!



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