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Far more than a wine tasting

Many of us attended a wine tasting event this weekend. Right near our palazzo where we take classes is an amazing restaurant with an enormous selection of wines. At Da Renato e Luisa we sat down in a very cozy dining environment expecting to learn a bit about a few wines accompanied by some food to wash down the palate. Instead it turned into a lengthy dining experience, complete with three antipasti and a dessert. Over those 2.5 hours we learned quite a bit about wines, including how to pair them with foods, the best way to open a spumante (sparkling wine), and the process of wine production. It was like taking an introduction to wines class, except in historic Rome with an almost complete dinner and plenty of socializing.

The antipasti that were served varied from soft cheeses rolled over nuts, crepes stuffed with cheese and spinach, and cured meats. Here are some pictures of the dishes we had during this wonderful evening:

First plate
Second plate
Partially eaten third plate (I could not resist the temptation)

All of these plates were paired with a different wine. To start off we had a spumante, then a red wine, and then we finished with a fruity white wine, which we had with dessert.

The delicious dessert afterwards

All of us were blown away by this fantastic event. It pretty much surpassed all of our expectations. The food was delicious, the restaurant environment was great, and we came out with a good amount of knowledge on wines thanks to Renato, the owner of the restaurant.

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