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Ravioli Night

Another pasta making night!! Cornell held a ravioli night this time, with Anna Rita once again leading us all in making some amazing, delicious ravioli filled with ricotta and spinach with sauces ranging from a simple butter and sage to pumpkin and tuna. We all came with our hands ready at four pm to the lecture hall in the palazzo which was set up with tables with flour, eggs, rolling pins and machines that flatten the pasta. Anna Rita taught us all how to make the dough with one part eggs and one part refined flour. We all then helped roll out the dough and then spoon out the already made filling onto the sheets. Professor Morris’ daughter Madelyn once again helped enormously, this time accompanied by Photography teacher Liana Muccio’s daughter Alina; they both helped to cut the pasta. Once the pasta was made we sent it away for boiling, set the long table in the room with plates and napkins and chowed down on some yummy ravioli!


Setting up tables for rolling out the dough

Students making Raviloi

Students putting ravioli and cheese on the pasta – photo credit Lauren Borah


Handing out flour


Pouring eggs


Mixing dough


Madelyn Morris helping to roll out the dough

_DSC0044Spooning in filling




Ravioli Teamwork

Teamwork! – Photo credit Lauren Borah


Madelyn Morris


Ravioli ready to be boiled


Madelyn Morris and Alina Miuccio helping Anna Rita


Time to eat!


Relaxing conversation after a busy night of pasta making

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