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Private Visit to the Uffizi and Galleria dell’Accademia

On the last day of our Tuscany Trip, we were lucky enough to have a private visit to the Uffizi and Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence. If anyone has been to these museums on a normal day, one knows how crowded they are normally. Cornell was lucky enough to have this once in a lifetime experience to go to the Uffizi when it is closed to the public. Because we went on such an occasion, we were able to see restoration work going on as well inside the museum. They were also kind enough to take us through the famous Vasari corridor, a private passageway that connects Palazzo Vecchio with the Palazzo Pitti that was built so the Medici family could travel safely from place to place.





Views out to the Ponte Vecchio from the Uffizi


Views out towards Palazzo Vecchio from the Uffizi




Views out on to Ponte Vecchio from the Vasari Corridor



Restoration Work in Progress in the Vasari Corridor


Views out to a church so that the Medici Family could attend mass in the Vasari Corridor



296602_10150345744282869_501622868_8351176_1178510060_nPrivate Viewing of Michelangelo’s David

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