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Divina Energia

While on our trip in Florence, we were lucky enough to see a show¬† put on by Enel Energy, based on Dante’s Divina Comedia, which is one of the themes for studio this semester. The show was held in the Piazza Signoria next to Loggia dei Lazi. Called Divina Energia, it consisted of a light projection on to the facade of the Palazzo. It began with a reading of the verses of the Divina Comedia that represent paradiso and then an acrobatic performance with acrobats coming down from the top of the Palazzo into the Piazza. After this representation of purgatory, the show then represented inferno with a series of carefully calculated projections on the facade showing the building burning up with a dragon climbing up its flanks. Then, for the finale, there was (interestingly enough) a dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller with people waving light bands that had been given out earlier (this was clearly the most popular part of the show). Here is an Italian news video on the show, with some scenes from the show as well.


Haley Thurston, Yoonjee Koh and Kasia Pozniak ’13 in the piazza before the show begins






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