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Gnocchi Gnoms



On the 2nd of September Cornell had their semi-annual gnocchi night. Anna Rita, administrative director of the Cornell in Rome Program, but more importantly chef extraordinaire, led the troops. She starting by slaving over a hot stove all morning, assisted by several student workers in making all different kinds of sauces ranging from meat to vegetarian to “pescatarian”.



At around 4 pm the rest of the class joined in rolling the flour and potatoes mix and making little gnocchi balls with our hands. It was truly a division of labor, with Mark’s daughter Madelyn, being one of the first people there explaining how the gnocchi was to be cut and pressed and several people laying it out on dishes to be sent in to the kitchen for boiling. Others helped set the table once enough was made and once everyone was full and happy Anna Rita and her helpers surprised us with a cake that they had made for Ashley Griffin and Charles Williams’ birthdays and we regaled them with a loud, ecstatic, semi-harmonious chorus of Tanti Auguri (Happy Birthday in Italian).

All in all it was a fun night. Stay tuned for ravioli night, coming up soon!


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