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To Rome!

August 7, 2009

After an eventful summer in Santa Fe, NM, the long awaited date of August 7th finally arrived. It seemed just yesterday that about half of my classmates and I opened our letters announcing our acceptance into the Fall 2009 Cornell Rome program. With bags packed to the brim, Cornell students made their way from around the globe (Norway, Korea, South America, USA) to gather in Rome, Italy to begin our adventure.
Upon arriving, I was pleasantly surprised to find a very large room and grand apartment filled with the necessary amenities to make my stay comfortable. After a long walk to re-familiarize with the great city, my house-mates and I indulged in the necessary masticating activities that any well-informed Italian traveler would: strawberry, cherry and stracciatella gelato, fresh made panini, oven roasted sausage pizza, and house wine- all reaffirmed just one of the many reasons why I am happy to say that I am ready to begin my five month stay in Rome.

The Colosseum

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