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Italiaidea Talent Show (Spring 2009)

On Friday April 17th, the long-awaited Italiaidea Talent Show, which featured students from all Italian classes, finally took place in the lecture hall. Similar to last year, all the performances were, instead of dancing or singing, in the format of video.

The show kicked off with a music video featuring the song “That’s Amore”. This funny music video was mainly filmed in a kitchen, where the four performers (who dress as fat cooks and street performers) sing the song while playing around with kitchen utensils and spaghetti. Despite its short length of time, we all loved their costume and their hilarious way of singing.

The next one was a mini drama which is about the daily life of one of our students, Anjuli, who is known for her funny stories. Being filmed in many different places in Rome, this video was very well-received because not only did it vividly portray Anjuli’s adorable characters and funny experiences, it was also very well edited. As a viewer, I could truly see the effort that the group put into the film.

The third movie was edited in a very special way. Instead of merely shooting in video format, this film is technically a collection of over a thousand pictures, which change very quickly that when played together, resemble a movie. The performers all dressed in very special costumes, including the Faun (from the Chronicles of Narnia), a centaur and a wild bear. Featuring fairy-tale fighting and romance scenes (with lots of humor mixed-in), this movie was very enjoyable. It is also worth mentioning that the performers had posted movie posters featuring each character of the film all over the Palazzo on that day. This had definitely excited many of us even before the show began!

The last one, which I was involved in, was a short trailer with the theme of “Rome in dark”. With panicky and epic music, this film shows how all four of us run towards the Colosseum at night. Thanks to my partners Peter, William and Olesya, this film was professionally edited.
Although all four movies were extremely well done, the second one, which features Anjuli’s daily life, won the contest for its extremely funny lines and true portrayal of a friend whom we all love. The Show ended with some refreshments, which (as a big fan of Italian pastries) was the ideal way to end the show.

Congratulations to the winners!
Congratulations to the winners!

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