Say HELLO to some of our members!

Hello all! Sorry for the long delay since my last post. As everyone knows, the semester is in full swing and the word “downtime” doesn’t seem to really exist. However, I did promise you that I would introduce some of our members and I don’t really like to break promises so here we go…

My name is Kaitlyn Krebushevski and I am a junior Biological Sciences major concentrating in Neurobiology and Behavior and minoring in Nutritional Sciences. I am from Staten Island, New York and I love the city! My favorite healthy dish (really hard to decide) is probably spaghetti squash with a nice light tomato sauce sprinkled with some Parmesan cheese. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE fruits and veggies, any kind at all. Besides being part of the HealthNutS I participate in Cornell’s chapter of the Global Medical Brigades, I do research under Dr. David Dietcher and I love running, hiking, swimming, weight lifting and any other activity that gets me moving. I also love to cook and experiment with healthy alternatives. I love helping children learn how to make healthy choices and I want them to know how important nutrition is to prevent sickness and disease. Enough about me… now on to our other members.

Cassidy Nagle (our events coordinator) is a sophomore and is majoring in Human Biology Health and Society (HBHS) in the College of Human Ecology. She doesn’t really have a favorite dish but she’s a sucker for a killer protein shake/ smoothie. She is in alpha phi, HealthNutS, Alpha Epsilon Delta which is the honors premed frat, part of Cornell Commitment Leadership Program and a Cornell Tradition Scholar. In addition to all of that, she is a TA for the famous NS 1150, she works at Cornell Fitness Centers and she is in Cornell Running Club! To stay fit and healthy on campus she loves to run, lift and cross train all the time, she loves to get outside in nature and looks for, cooks and cherishes delicious healthy fresh sustainable dishes ALL DAY EVERY DAY! We are cheering her on this Sunday as she runs the big 26.2! If this girl isn’t a HealthNuT I don’t know who is! Gotta love it!

Amanda Coate is an undecided major in the College of Arts and Sciences. She loves healthy baked goods and delicious fresh fruit. She is a horseback rider and also likes pilates and to play the piano.

Amanda Kueh is a junior Policy Analysis and Management major from New York City. Her favorite healthy dish is a raw corn baby kale salad. She makes it by shaving raw corn kernels straight from the cob and adds baby kale, avocado and balsamic vinegar.  She is also a big fan of avocados and frittata.  On campus she frequents the Farmer’s Market on the Ag Quad (every Thursday from 11-3) and participates in Fat Talk Free Week and philanthropic events for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital through Cornell Tri Delta.  Some other activities that Amanda likes are photography, martial arts and cooking.

Kayla Halvey is a sophomore in CALS majoring in nutrition with a creative writing minor. (You’ll probably be seeing some creative posts by her in the near future :)) She is from Queens (HealthNutS is filled with New Yorkers). Her favorite healthy dish is a simple peice of salmon with some roasted/sauteed veggies on side.  She is on the ski team and also is in Phi Sig sorority. Kayla works out like a beast to stay healthy, usually in Noyes because it is close by to her but she eats a lot to counterbalance it! We HealthNutS love us some GOOD FOOD!

Last but not least we have  Jacelyn Greenwald a freshman majoring in HBHS. Jacelyn is from New Jersey and her favorite healthy dish is a nice yummy SALAD! Her favorite activities on campus are walking the many beautiful trails and climbing the clock tower. She takes advantage of CORNELL! To stay healthy she loves to go running, go to the gym, go biking and of course eat healthy!

As you can see, the members of the HealthNutS (of course there are many more of us) are all very unique. We come from all years, majors and colleges but we all have one thing in common, we love health and nutrition! We all have our ways of staying healthy and active which goes to show that there is NOT ONE PERFECT WAY. The key is to find activities and food that YOU enjoy! There are so many different recipes consisting of delicious healthy ingredients. We will definitely be sharing some more of our favorite recipes in the future so stay tuned! You can also check us at at the Farmer’s Market on the Ag Quad for the next couple of weeks especially on October 24th, FOOD DAY! There, we will be providing you will some HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES to your favorite, NOT SO HEALTHY FOODS 🙂


We are the HealthNutS!

Have you ever thought that you were the only one in this world who has an obsession with health and wellness? Have you ever wanted to find people who were just like you.. people who constantly want to spread the love of nutrition and all the amazing feelings that come along with it? LOOK NO FURTHER! Your fellow HealthNutS are here! The HealthNutS are Cornell’s Undergraduate Health and Nutrition Society (as you may have already guessed from the header) and we are CRAZY PASSIONATE about getting out there and spreading the love. Through various events on campus and in the local Ithaca community we walk the talk of nutrition (and have fun doing it!) We have bi- weekly meetings to discuss successful ideas an approaches about how to educate and enlighten others about nutrition. We also plan fun food and exercise oriented social events including apple picking and dinners on the commons. We have some really exciting plans for this semester and we hope that you can join! For more information about our group you can email ANY of our e-board members! Also stay tuned for an introduction of some of our other members to see what they do around campus!

President: Sammy Gitlin (scg22) and Ani Merjian (acm327)

Vice President: Kaitlyn Krebushevski (kk655)

Secretary: Cassidy Nagle (crn45)

Treasurer: Amanda Kueh (agk64)

Event Coordinator: Amanda Coate (amc532)