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5 Points All Cornell Students Should Know to Make Their Websites Successful

[Disclaimer: This is an uncensored and unedited article submitted by a student at Cornell University. We have experienced recent cases of students publishing articles on Cornell Digital Marketing that contain subtle advertisements, spam and offensive content. In those cases, we removed the articles promptly thanks to whistleblowing from our blog subscribers. If you believe this article contains any subtle advertisements, spam or offensive content, please report it immediately for us to review. Thank you.]

In 2017, simply having a website doesn’t do the trick. If you are running an online business, what good will a website that doesn’t fetch any traffic do? The whole point of having a website in the first place is to make sure that it actually works in your favour. You need to up your game, if you haven’t already. Look around. Your competitors are already using the latest website trends and are leaving you behind in the race to success. Spammy websites with boring and old-fashioned designs and structures no longer suffice; it is high time you gave your website a much needed makeover. Here are a few things you could do to make your website the best in the business:

  • How long does it take for your website to load? This is pretty important since people quickly run out of patience. Everyone seems to be in a hurry and they want nothing but the best and they want it now. In such a state, if your website’s taking too long to load, your customers wouldn’t think twice before moving on to another website which provides answers quicker. Also, take a look at the security factor of your website. It needs to be governed by strict privacy policies to ensure that you uphold the faith your customers invest in you.
  • Improve the overall user experience or UX of your website. Customer experience comes later on, the people visiting your website need to leave with a good, longlasting impression so that they keep coming back. There are a number of factors that must be taken into account as far as user experience is concerned – loading time of the page, functionality, content quality, navigation and also compelling CTA. These need to be spot on for the website to create a good impression for all users.
  • Get hold of a good copywriter who can take charge of the content of your website. No matter what people say, a website is still judged on the basis of the content it publishes. The appearance and the design of your website is secondary; poor quality will only dampen the reputation of your website. A good copywriter will produce content that is stellar, engaging, entertaining and immediately catches attention. Good copy doesn’t necessarily mean content that is lengthy – the art of good copywriting lies in compression.
  • Email marketing is an integral aspect. Most of your customers will provide you with their emails. Based on the categories of customers and the prospects they hold, you could start preparing an email list. You would also need to come up with crisp and engaging email content that will engage everyone on the list.
  • Web design professionals today use analytics to judge the performance of a website. With so many tools just a fingertip away, it would be silly to not make the most of them. These analytics would provide an accurate analysis of where your website stands in the market.

The points above are five things you could do to ensure that your website stands head and shoulders above the rest. What are you waiting for?

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