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CornellCast Release Notes 2013.03.19

This release is a complete redesign and expansion of the site.


  • Ask a Question feature can turn any live broadcast into an interactive event. When enabled, questions and comments can be submitted in advance of and during the broadcast.
  • RSVP feature allows users to request email reminders for any upcoming live event.
  • Landing pages for playlists, series, speakers and contributors.
  • Play all feature for playlists.
  • Playhead tracking allows us to “save your spot” in our videos and, when you return, take you right back to where you left off. Applicable to Kaltura videos only.
  • New channel page layout is a mini-home page for a subset of the collection, with its own featured player and browse section.
  • Video recommendations are generated based on video metadata.
  • Friendly urls for videos, playlists, series and browse pages. Legacy urls are redirected.
  • Autoplay setting allows users to disable autoplay on page load.
  • Alternate source videos (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) honor autoplay preference.


  • URLs for our videos, playlists, series and contributors have changed; permanent redirects are in place.
  • URLs for our rss feeds have changed; permanent redirects are in place.
  • RSS feeds use 100% local data (vs direct from Kaltura) to improve load time.
  • Share tools are now in the body of the page, below the player, rather than the player controls.
  • Thumbnail image size has changed from 96×80 to 192×80. URLs for new thumbs are now included in our feeds. We will continue to provide legacy thumbs through May 2013.


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