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CornellCast Release Notes 2013.03.19

This release is a complete redesign and expansion of the site.


  • Ask a Question feature can turn any live broadcast into an interactive event. When enabled, questions and comments can be submitted in advance of and during the broadcast.
  • RSVP feature allows users to request email reminders for any upcoming live event.
  • Landing pages for playlists, series, speakers and contributors.
  • Play all feature for playlists.
  • Playhead tracking allows us to “save your spot” in our videos and, when you return, take you right back to where you left off. Applicable to Kaltura videos only.
  • New channel page layout is a mini-home page for a subset of the collection, with its own featured player and browse section.
  • Video recommendations are generated based on video metadata.
  • Friendly urls for videos, playlists, series and browse pages. Legacy urls are redirected.
  • Autoplay setting allows users to disable autoplay on page load.
  • Alternate source videos (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) honor autoplay preference.


  • URLs for our videos, playlists, series and contributors have changed; permanent redirects are in place.
  • URLs for our rss feeds have changed; permanent redirects are in place.
  • RSS feeds use 100% local data (vs direct from Kaltura) to improve load time.
  • Share tools are now in the body of the page, below the player, rather than the player controls.
  • Thumbnail image size has changed from 96×80 to 192×80. URLs for new thumbs are now included in our feeds. We will continue to provide legacy thumbs through May 2013.

Embed code parameters

autoplay start playing the video immediately upon page load. possible values: 0 or 1; default value is 0.
width width (px) of player. note: aspect ratio of media is always maintained in the player.
height height (px) of player. note: aspect ratio of media is always maintained in the player.
startsecs time, in secs, to start playback
endsecs time, in secs, to stop playback

RSS feed URL parameters

enc includes file enclosure and iTunes elements, or not.possible values: 0 or 1; default value is 0.
hd when enc=1, preferentially show hd files if available, show standard; if not, or else just show standard. possible values: 0 or 1; default value is 0.
tag tag
audioonly include only .mp3 file enclosures. possible values: 0 or 1; default value is 0 (so we get videos whenever available).
cat  category name
q search term
id playlist / series ID
con contributor ID
debug include certain diagnostic details such as item’s
flavors and their IDs; also removes leading RSS tag so that the feed appears as raw XML in a browser. possible values: 0 or 1; default value: 0.

CornellCast Release Notes 2012.04.30


  • Support for several new parameters for customizing RSS feed urls. Read more about the feed parameters we support.
  • Site now uses database and page caching for faster page loads and increased viewer capacity.


  • URLs for our rss feeds have changed; permanent redirects are in place.
  • Suspended support for video length and date filters in rss feeds. Existing feed urls containing filter parameters will not break, but filters will no longer work to limit your xml result set. This may only be temporary — TBD.


  • Corrected a problem preventing playback of live streams.
  • Improved handling of “video not found” situations.
  • Fixed a problem affecting the display of Feedback, Subscribe and Submit Content pages in Windows browsers.
  • Restored support for our legacy “vidid” parameter in public embed code and on the mobile site.

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