What’s New After the Upgrade to Jira 8.5.4?

We have upgraded Jira to version 8.5.4 and moved to a cloud environment hosted by Contegix. While many items are the same (issue navigator, viewing issues, viewing all projects, dashboards), others will have added features. A few features, specifically viewing a project,have changed. Our Jira vendor, Atlassian, has provided this documentation for version 8.5:  Jira Software 8.5 (external PDF). 

Cornell’s upgrade from version 6.0.8 to 8.5 includes a number of changes. To review Jira’s change logs see: https://confluence.atlassian.com/jirasoftware/jira-software-release-notes-776821069.html. This webpage allows you to trace the history of Jira features as far back as 2013. Or, if you prefer, you can jump in and treat the new version like a new system that just happens to have all your data already loaded.

 The screen image below shows a typical Jira 8.5 Kanban project. You can see that the left side menu is now collapsible and has slightly different options. Note that the Administration tab from Jira 6.0 has become Project Settings,  and it can be accessed by clicking the cog icon at lower left. 

Also, the Agile option is no longer found on the navigation bar. Since Jira version 6.7 this feature now appears as Boards on the navigation menu at the top of the screen. 

Other differences in the Upgraded Jira 

  • As a cloud service, Jira may not be available to campus private networks unless there are network proxies to allow access. But if you can access other cloud services from your desktop, you should be able to access Jira in the cloud. 
  • Jira will be moving to use standard Shibboleth authentication. It will look more like other Single Sign-On cloud services, such as Box. There will not be a way to grant access to non-Cornell users. 
  • The previous local authentication mod kept people from seeing Jira if they hadn’t logged in. The new Jira will respect Jira permissions. If you grant access to anyone to view or update an issue or a project, that means literally anyone on the internet. We have already adjusted a few project schemas to limit access to the group “jira-users,” which limits access to people who can log on to Jira. 
  • Accounts will automatically be assigned when you log in, as long as you are in a category that is eligible for service. This currently includes staff (including temporary), faculty, contractors, and affiliates. When people transition out of those categories, their accounts will automatically be removed. Any issues or comments created by them will remain. 
  • The “cornell–jira-users” group will be removed. It was functionally identical to the “jira-users” group and it wasn’t used in any schemas. 
  • Mail sent to Jira projects by way of an EGA will continue to work. The mail agent that we have been using is still available, but is now deprecated. We may have to move to a new mail agent after the migration. 
  • Mail sent from Jira projects will work, but the mail address must exist in Office 365, and must grant permission to jira@cornell.edu to send on behalf of that address. Owners of an EGA used for mailing should go to eam.exchange.cornell.edu, add ga.jira as a member of the EGA, and grant it the SendAs permission (only).