Confluence Upgrade: Pilot Testing

Our thanks to all those who’ve expressed interest in Confluence pilot testing. Sign on to the test system using Cornell’s Single Sign On. You can begin to review the new Confluence instance immediately.

Please be aware that the test system’s content is as of April 24, 2020 – therefore, do not expect to see changes you have made to your live Confluence spaces after that date to be reflected in the test system.

Considerations While Pilot Testing

We are asking for pilot testers to look at several areas:

  • Content
    Are you seeing all the spaces and pages you expect?
    Do attachments upload and display correctly?
  • Macros
    Verify that macros function correctly.
    Please note that the following macros will not be brought forward to the new system:

    • Table Filter plug-in
    • Numbered Headings
    • HideElements
  • New features (see below)

Features new to Confluence version 7.4

The test system has been upgraded to version 7.4. The updates in this version are mostly look and feel improvements.

Backend changes include the new Collaborative Editing. Users will see their avatar and a plus sign in the upper right corner while editing. This provides a visual indicator of “collaborative editing” (see the screen capture).

Confluence 7.4 Collaborative editing mode showing visual indicators (plus sign in upper right corner)

Search has also been visually reworked (see screen capture below) and Space tools have a few options that have been combined or reorganized.

The sample image below was captured by clicking the minimalist search bar and pressing the Enter key. Confluence 7.4 will ‘slide’ the search panel out from the side, but will show a full screen version of search when you click Advanced search. This full screen version is nearly identical to search on 5.10.

The full collection of features and bug fixes can be found in Atlassian’s Confluence release notes. Also like Jira, Atlassian collates their Confluence Server Documentation into PDF form — you can find a downloadable version HERE when available.

Feedback for the Confluence Transition team

After you have reviewed the system, please take time to complete our feedback survey. Your detailed responses will help the team identify any possible issues in the system before it goes live.