Confluence Changes

As part of the move of Confluence to the externally hosted environment, we must address the inactive, abandoned and/or stale content through a cleanup effort that will flag and then remove inactive content.

There will be three rounds to accomplish this task. We have just completed the first round by flagging all spaces as either active (“_to_be_migrated”) or inactive (“_to_be_archived”) by changing the category.

The criteria used to define a space as inactive is as follows:

  • Inactive (“_to_be_archived”) is defined as one belonging to an ineligible person, such as an alumni, retirees, or departed.
  • Inactive is defined as content not updated within the past two years AND has less than 10 page views recorded by Google analytics within the past year.
  • Inactive is defined by orphaned global space that has no eligible users as space admins.

Based on the clean up effort you might need to take one of the below actions. Confluence Users have five months to review and clean up their spaces:

  1. If your space is flagged as “_to_be_archived” Space Administrators should export / archive their spaces (and all content) and then delete the Space from Confluence. Visit the Export a Space and Delete A Space pages for more instructions.
  2. If your space is flagged as “_to_be_archived” and you do not believe your content is inactive or plan use it again, please fill out this request form.

A Space Category list is available.

For Global Spaces, column D Space Status represents the category.  Clean up equals “_to_be_archived” and Migrate equals “_to_be_migrated”.

What the change will look like:

In Space List

Space categorization in space list in Confluence

In Space Tools

How Space will look in Space Tools in Confluence



Round One – Categorize Spaces in Confluence

  • If a space is either Inactive or Orphaned, it will show in Confluence as “_to_be_archived”
  • An Active space will be flagged as “_to_be_migrated”

Round One – Communications

  • A notification will go out to Confluence Users immediately following this categorization
  • Instructions will be given to Users to notify us as to spaces they wish to NOT be archived and reason
  • Users will have 5 months until to take action and at 6 months the “to_be_archived” spaces are removed from Confluence

Round Two – Space Review

  • Users will have 5 months to review spaces and change category
  • A cut over at TBD (approx. 6 months) will bring all active spaces flagged “_to_be_migrated” over to the new Confluence

Round Three – Spaces flagged as “_to_be_archived” are moved to an archival location (Box)

  • Content will NOT be permanently deleted.
  • An export of the content is captured, then deleted from legacy Confluence and stored in Box for future retrieval

Round Three – Communications

  • Reminders sent to those flagged with “_to_be_archived”
  • Information provided on how to access legacy information