Confluence and Jira transition to managed hosting and upgrade

CIT’s Jira and Confluence products are both in need of a significant redesign and update.  Jira is offered mainly to CIT and a subset of campus staff, and is used for software project management; while Confluence is offered to a broad user base across campus and used globally for collaboration as a Wiki.  CIT will be deploying both services off premises to implement the latest, most secure and “out of the box” solution for both Confluence and Jira. This solution will include on-going hosting, maintenance, and support of the new environment.

The benefits of this transition include:

  • Latest version addresses broken functionality and fulfills previously unsupported requests.
  • Future risk is mitigated with Vendor best practices in place for lifecycle management.
  • Security vulnerabilities addressed with latest versions and ongoing support for updates by Vendors.
  • Customizations impacting support are eliminated.
  • Continuity and support objectives met.

For questions regarding the Confluence or Jira deployment please email

Confluence transition news:

Jira transition news: