March 23, 2017
by lal252


I have a new article appearing in this April’s special issue of the Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute. The article is entitled, “Outputs: The Promises and Perils of Ethnographic Engagement After the Loss of Faith in Transnational Dialogue.” An online version of the article has been released and is available here. Please see the article abstract below.


This essay investigates one important artefact of meeting knowledge production: outputs. It does so through the example of the activities of the members of Meridian 180, a community of Pacific Rim intellectuals collaborating on transnational legal and policy issues. For the members, the particular kind of knowledge production facilitated by Meridian 180 constitutes a response to the failures of international bureaucracy to generate and sustain a fabric of global relationality. The group’s various attempts to address the imperative for ‘output’ illuminate both aspects of the meeting as an organizational form, and the challenges and opportunities meetings present for ethnography. The wider underlying theme of the essay concerns the ethical purposes and promises of ethnographic styles of engagement after the loss of faith in transnational dialogue.

March 5, 2017
by lal252

Beyond Inflation Targeting and Too-Big-to-Fail: The New Political Challenges of Financial Governance.

On May 22, 2017, Meridian 180 will be convening a conference in Brussels, Belgium. The theme of the conference is “Beyond Inflation Targeting and Too-Big-to-Fail: The New Political Challenges of Financial Governance.”  The conference explores the idea that financial governance has become highly politicized and that approaching financial governance as a purely technical question is no longer sufficient. Regulators and market participants need to approach financial governance as a political question in order to successfully interpret, navigate, and manage financial markets. This conference will explore the heightened challenges faced by central bank­ers, financial regulators, market participants and other stakeholders in an increasingly complex, fast-moving, and politically fragmented global environment. Keynote addresses will be given by Gillian Tett, Managing Editor of the Financial Times and Sayuri Shirai, former member of the Policy Board, Bank of Japan.

For a copy of the conference announcement please click here.

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