The CNCPS V6.5.5 is now available for download (updated 12/22/2016).  This version has been in development for several years and has been tested and is currently implemented in several commercially available software platforms around the world.  Due to significant changes in the feed library structure, files from version 6.1 cannot be imported into version 6.5.

Model Purpose

Ruminants are utilized to convert feed nutrients to human food under widely varying conditions around the world, and are a major source of human food nutrients. The goals of improving ruminant nutrition are to improve productivity, reduce resource use, and protect the environment. Futher improvements in ruminant production efficiency will result from the use of models to predict nutrient requirements and feed utilization in specific production settings. Accurate prediction of nutrient requirements and supply enable the nutritionist to identify more of the variation in cattle performance than less comprehensive approaches to ration formulation.

The Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System (CNCPS) was developed to predict requirements, feed utilization, animal performance and nutrient excretion for dairy and beef cattle and sheep, using accumulated knowledge about feed composition, digestion, and metabolism in supplying nutrients to meet requirements.

CNCPS for Cattle: The current version of the CNCPS model is designed to formulate for and evaluate multiple groups on a farm and to further evaluate nutrient excretion and efficiency of use of nutrients. Each new version contains changes that improve the accuracy of the CNCPS model and user friendliness of the computer software.

Model Predictions

  1. Energy, metabolizable protein, amino acid, and mineral requirements for maintenance, tissue deposition, and milk synthesis
  2. Prediction of intake and ruminal degradation of feed carbohydrate and protein fractions, and microbial growth
  3. Prediction of intestinal digestion and excretion
  4. Prediction of metabolism of absorbed energy, protein, and amino acids
  5. Prediction of nutrient excretion and feed requirements, individual and herd

Links to several publications related to the model can be found on the Publications page.