Upcoming Classes

CCE Clinton County will be hosting 2 cooking classes for adults this month, each class is $5, will be at CCE Clinton County office, taught by Jordy Kivett and preregistration required:

Greens: Kale and spinach and chard, oh my!  Whether you are looking forward to the bunches of kale in your upcoming farm share or wondering what to do with the chard that turns up at the early farmer’s markets, join us!   Learn at least 3 ways to prepare greens in this hands on workshop. April 8th, 12-1

Register for the Greens Cooking Class here!

Non-Starchy Vegetables:  The U.S. Dietary Guidelines recommend we fill half our plate with vegetables and fruit, this class will help make that easier to follow.  This class will focus particularly  on using non-starchy vegetables and would benefit not only local vegetable lovers, but also people at risk for or living with diabetes expand their options for sides.  April 14th, 12-1

Register for the Non-Starchy Vegetable Cooking Class here!

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