You can eat local all year long!

I am eager to cook the beet (singular makes sense if you are aware of it’s hugeness)  I picked up at the Farmer’s Market last weekend.  Though the family made quick work of the carrots, we still have a few other root vegetables kicking around and a butternut squash that my daughter picked instead of kale, not because she was eager to cook it in the new squash apple bake she’s prepared a few times (which is what I assumed/hoped) but because she could draw a face on it and carry it around like a baby.sweet potato

There is still local produce around!  Under the tutorial section, there is a list of Clinton county farms that have products available through the winter.  The last Winter Plattsburgh Farmer’s Market is this weekend, but online ordering will be available for the remainder of the winter.  Though there are still vegetables, from root vegetables to kale and broccoli, there are also local apples, meats, eggs, cheeses and yogurts.  Don’t forget the local wines and ciders, which make a great holiday gift.

Stay tuned for more recipes, tutorials, and hands on classes this winter!