Local Food Though the Fall

Though the days are short and the nights are cold, there are many crops that are available long after they are harvested.  Though many are familiar to us, I think we reserve some for Thanksgiving, like pumpkins and sweet potatoes.  And while those foods at the holidays are great, there are lots of ways to enjoy local food daily, even in a North Country November.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAEveryday Ideas:

Apples, carrot sticks are both easy to snack on or work into your day to day menu.

Recipe Ideas:

Squash: Stuffed Squash, Squash Soup, Cubed Squash and Greens, Classic Squash with Maple Syrup

Sweet Potatoes: Baked Sweet Potatoes (with fixings!), Sweet Potato Fries, Grated Sweet Potatoes in Chili, Sweet Potato Mole Enchiladas, Mashed Sweet Potatoes (try a 2:1 ratio of  white potatoes to sweet potatoes for the less enthusiastic sweet potato eaters)

Kohlrabi: Kohlrabi Slices with Dip, Kohlrabi Slaw, Kohlrabi in Stir Fry, Cream of Kohlrabi Soup (think cream of broccoli, even add broccoli)

Carrots: Fresh Carrot Sticks, Carrot Slaw, Ginger Carrot Soup, Roasted Carrots

Beets: Roasted Beets on a Green Salad, Roasted Beets with Goat Cheese on Crackers or Toast, Raw Beet and Carrot Salad, Beets with other Roasted Vegetables

There are of course so many ways to enjoy these foods and more that is available, but just a quick trip to the winter market or a nearby stand can really round out your meals for the week.  If you think cold weather and frost means the local eating season is over, you have to see what is still available locally and get creative in the kitchen.  There are delicious foods waiting to get on your fall menu!