Vegetable Cooking Classes!

Join us for a cooking class this November! 

Back to Your Roots:  Join us for 2 hours of kitchen fun exploring methods of cooking root vegetables.  Learn how to carmelize onions, roast parsnips, carrots and potatoes, and whip up a beet salad (or 2!).  There is a $5 charge for this class to cover cost of materials.  This class will be offered on:

November 7th, from 10am to 12pm at Shadygrove Farm and Wellness Center, 844 NY22-B, Peru NY

Back To Your Roots – Shadygrove Registration


November 13th, from 1pm to 3 pm at CCE-Clinton County 6064 Route 22, Plattsburgh, NY

Back To Your Roots – CCE Registration

Veggies 101 Workshop  Join us for a 4-H cooking class exploring lots of vegetables prepared lots of ways, November 21st, from 10am to 12pm at CCE-Clinton County, 6064 Route 22, Plattsburgh NY  (This class is free of charge)

Veggies 101 Workshop Registration

Sign up today!  Pre-registration is required.  Questions?  Call Jordy at (518) 561-7450

Cortlands, Empires, and Macs, Oh My!

IMG_2057 (003)Fall is great for so many reasons, but if you live in the North Country, apples are awesome!  Our local orchards offer such a variety of apples and apple products, there is something for everyone.

There are too many varieties of apples for me to go over each without forgetting some, but here are a few tips for buying this season:

  1. Ask!  If you see a new variety, ask the orchard staff about it.  If you know what you like in an apple (crispness, sweetness, tang) they can direct you towards something you’ll enjoy.
  2. Buy in bulk!  Getting a big bag of apples is not only economical, but also encourages more apple eating and gives you enough to make apple crisp, apple chips, apple sauce…
  3. Look for “seconds”!  If you are using apples for baking or sauce or are looking to save a few dollars, consider getting a bag of the imperfect apples.  I have always found them suitable for cooking and most often great for fresh eating as well.  Sometimes the imperfections can be a perk, like having a lot of small apples, perfect for little hands.

Since apples keep well in cold moist storage, once you get your apples home store them in the refrigerator in your produce drawer for up to a month (Rulf’s Orchard had a great facebook post explaining this).  Fresh apples will still taste great for a while at room temperature, so you can keep a bowl of apples ready to eat on the counter as well.

Get to your favorite orchard, or try a North Country Apple Tour and find some new orchards to add to your favorites list.  There are many awesome apples awaiting you.