Salad time!

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAThe Plattsburgh Farmers’ and Crafters’ Market opens tomorrow (May 9th).  Though it has been hot the last week or two, still expect spring time goodies, like lettuce and many plants if you are interested in growing your own.  Check out the tutorial section for a “Make Your Own Vinaigrette” infographic.  If you like salads, you really have to try making you own salad dressing.  You likely have all of the ingredients already and do not need any special equipment.

What will I do with all that produce?

Are you on the fence about signing up for a CSA?  Are you feeling like you might be overwhelmed during the summer when you will get a generous amount of veggies each week?  Look to Cornell Cooperative Extension!  Throughout the summer we will be posting seasonal recipes and quick tips both on how to use and even preserve the harvest.  Below is a link to a Gazpacho “recipe”.  Stay tuned for more!