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Dept. of Molecular Biology & Genetics, 227 Biotech Bldg., 526 Campus Rd., Ithaca NY 14853-2703

Ph:  607-255-0527      Fax:  607-255-6249

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Postdoctoral Associates
photo of Jackson Champer

Jackson Champer

photo of Yassi Hafezi

Yassi Hafezi

Ana Marija Jakšić

photo of Chih-chun Lin

Chih-chun Lin

photo of Srilakshmi Raj

Srilakshmi Raj

Research Associates
Photo of Elissa Cosgrove

Elissa Cosgrove




Graduate Students
photo of Nora Brown

Nora Brown

photo of Ian Caldas

Ian Caldas

Dawn Shengxi Chen

Sofie Delbare


photo of Andy Ding

Andy Qiliang Ding

photo of Jullien Flynn

Jullien Flynn

photo of Andrew Marderstein

Andrew Marderstein

photo of Manisha Munasinghe

Manisha Munasinghe


Tram Nguyen


photo of Asha Jain

Asha Jain

Administrative Assistant
Lori Beyea-Powers

Lori Beyea-Powers