Alumni Q&A: Michael W. Foley

Michael Foley graduated from CIPA in May of 2017 with a concentration in Science, Technology and Infrastructure Policy. He currently works at Landrum & Brown in Cincinnati, where he serves as a Consultant in Aviation Forecasting and Financial Planning. (more…)

Meet a CIPA Student: Elaha Mahboob ’19

Hi, I’m Elaha Mahboob. I spent my childhood in Iran as an immigrant and returned to my native country of Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban. I pursued my undergraduate degree in computer science in Afghanistan, and was one of a very few women enrolled in this male-dominated program. While at university, I recognized the transformative nature of computer programming, and what a great equalizer software development can be.


Concentrations at CIPA: Science, Technology and Infrastructure Policy

Interested in what our different concentrations have to offer? In this post in our series about CIPA concentrations, we hear from Alvaro Díaz Bedregal, an international student from Peru. Alvaro is a first year CIPA fellow (2018) concentrating in Science, Technology and Infrastructure Policy. In this blog post, Alvaro explains more about his background, the coursework he has been involved with, and how his understanding of science and tech policy have been so relevant for his Public Administration degree.