CIPA Capstone Team Studies Refugee Camps in Greece: On-the-Ground Research offers Eye-Opening Experience

Amal Aun is a Palestinian Fulbright Scholar from Israel. A second-year CIPA student, she is concentrating her studies on Human Rights and Social Justice, with a special emphasis on the Middle East. (more…)

Work with real-world clients & hone your professional policy skills

People who choose to attend a professional program have a reasonable expectation of graduating with the skills to move directly into a professional career. We realize this and work hard to build a wide variety of experiential learning experiences into our curriculum. Our Capstone program is one example of this. The program was designed to help you solidify your policy acumen and enhance your consulting toolkit by putting you to work with real-world clients. Over the course of a semester, you learn project management, evaluation, teamwork, and leadership skills while engaged in a meaningful project.

Interested in the work that current students have been doing? The listing below includes a sampling of Fall 2017 Capstone Clients and Projects.  You will find additional case studies on the CIPA website. (more…)

CIPA Domestic Capstone: Multi-Generational Poverty

Zachary German is a second-year CIPA fellow and a CIPA admissions ambassador. He is concentrating his studies on Social Policy, with a specific focus on health care.  You can read his full bio here. (more…)

CIPA Capstone: Experiential Learning In Action

In Capstone, students work with real clients on consulting projects, providing valuable services while gaining hands-on experience.

CIPA’s APECO Capstone Group- Field Visit to Atacama Valley

CIPA offers a variety of ways to get involved in hands-on research experience, including International Capstone projects. In this blog post, Hillary Mara writes to us from Chile on her current Capstone project where she is conducting interviews, meeting with key stakeholders and collaborating with members of the community to develop a Corporate Social Responsibility plan for an association of agricultural exporters.