A Momentous Start to the Spring Semester

Jacquelyn Chyrell Richards is a first-year CIPA student who is concentrating her studies on Government, Politics and Policy.

Hello Everybody!

This semester I have decided to focus on taking courses that fulfill my elective foundation and specialized coursework. Classes I’d like to highlight that are my favorites so far are ILRHR 7451: Leadership Assessment for Managers, CEE 5900: Project Management and ILROB 5275: Leading and Managing Teams. The common denominator among these courses is the importance of soft skills when managing. Through individualized coursework and feedback, I have learned about my strengths and weaknesses and what I can do to become a successful manager as organizations increasingly need leaders to become more dynamic, interconnected and flexible.

Students sitting in desks in classroom
One of my classes during Splash!

Last semester I talked about Splash!, a one-day event where high school and middle school students come to Cornell’s campus to take classes on virtually anything. I received such positive feedback from my students that I have decided to participate again this semester.

I have also begun my role as elected President of the Black Graduate and Professional Student Association (BGPSA) at Cornell University. This has proved to be a thought-provoking transition, utilizing all of the skills that I am currently learning in my coursework.

Lastly, but most important – I became baptized!

It was a conscious step I took towards my spiritual self-development. The Episcopal Church at Cornell offered their warmest welcome as I began my time here at Cornell. It was not only convenient, located on campus at Anabel Taylor Hall but it fills the void of a family if you don’t have one. Our family consists of the Rev. Dr. Clark R. West, his wife Sarah and their three children, among other students, professors and members of the community. The day of my baptism, as you can imagine, my emotions were worked up. However, I had the blessing to be surrounded by friends from school. This semester couldn’t possibly get any better.


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