Welcome to Ithaca!

Getting ready for your next big move? We are here to welcome and help you on your journey to Ithaca and provide some tips and tools for your adventure. Not sure what to do for housing? Take this quiz to see what option best fits your budget and lifestyle!

When planning for your move to Ithaca, you may feel inundated with different options for housing. Without familiarity with the campus, it can be hard to make a confident choice. To try to parse through some options, try taking this quiz!

For those of you who did not have the opportunity to see CIPA in person yet, check out this walking tour of CIPA and Cornell to learn more about the program and campus.

On campus options:

College Town Terrace Student Apartments

Hasbrouck Apartments Student Apartments

Gun Hill Student Apartments

Telluride House Academic House

Cornell Heights Cooperative living


Off campus:

Look for a home on Craigslist

Lansing West Apartments

Modern Living Rentals Housing around Ithaca


Planning to be away for a semester? Consider the following:

Cornell University Housing, Sublets & Roommates Facebook Group

AirBnb Short term sublet


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