Becoming a Plant

Students will plant seeds at various depths in the soil and make observations after seedlings emerge. Based on their observations, students will decide what measurements could be made. They will make these measurements and look for an explanation for differences in their measurements. They will write a hypothesis that describes how a specific variable affects their measured parameter and they will then design an experiment to test their hypothesis. In their experimental design, they will decide the type and number of seeds to plant, the conditions to germinate the seeds, and what measurements to make once the experiment is in progress or complete. Pairs of students will turn in a worksheet that describes their experiment and details what materials they will require. The teacher will comment on their experimental design before the experiment is initiated. After considering teacher input, the students will implement their experiment. Data will be collected and summarized in charts, tables, and/or graphs. Optional: Each student will write a two to four page lab report that summarizes their results.


Becoming a Plant Teacher Edition (CIBT)

Becoming a Plant Student Edition (CIBT)